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- Voyage for Madmen

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Hey there. We are Jess & Luke.

And this is the sequel to WWW.KATIEANDJESSIEONABOAT.COM Technically, it is now LUKEANDJESSIEONABOAT.COM … but you see… I am too nostalgic about the origin of my sailing life to simply swap out the name of my best friend and husband. It just didn’t seem fair. So, I’ve dropped the names and the com, added a net and now were simply just ON A BOAT.

With me ?

This ever evolving story began on a 27 ft  sailboat on Lake Michigan, in 2012. We were 23, my best friend  K a t i e  and I.

The two of us cruised A m e r i c a 's G r e a t L o o p for two years.  Snaking through the seam of middle-America with an 11hp donkey. Rivers, lakes & canals, fed us to the Gulf of Mexico where we then “learned” to sail onwards to Florida and the Bahamas. We followed the East coasts' Intra-coastal-waterway from the Keys all the way to the Hudson river, Erie canal, and the Canadian half of the Great Lakes…eventually leading us back home, full-circle to our doorstep.

Two years after that, I met my British sailor.  L u k e . 

With ingredients laid harmonious in front of me, I saw an obvious answer to the question everyone was asking "W h a t 's  n e x t ?"  I was devoted to a man with mastery and motivation.  I had a Wizard-like father with a 37' ocean worthy vessel. I had sea legs itching for something to scare me again. 

" D a d, can I borrow your boat?"

" L u k e, do you want to sail from my house to your house?   M i c h i g a n  to  E n g l a n d ? 

And so the story persists. From the St. Lawrence seaway, Newfoundland and ice berg alley, to crossing an ocean for the first time. Having passed our pre-marital test at sea, we married a year later and have sailed down to Portugal, where our boat is on the hard.

I share with you the unedited fears and the triumphs, the joys and the miseries, and the complete addiction to life aboard.

Unqualified and uncertified, I bring to you one woman's perspective from the S E A . Receive it as you may. 

E n j o y.